Home Entertainment Top 10  World Popular  celebrities who were cheerleaders

Top 10  World Popular  celebrities who were cheerleaders

Megan Fox

Top 10  World Popular  celebrities who were cheerleaders

It’s difficult to envision our most loved stars having an existence before they were celebrated, yet in fact, in the past, they were much the same as us. A considerable lot of the present acclaimed stars began being marginally renowned in the corridors of their secondary schools – as team promoters. Notwithstanding, there are additionally celebrated on-screen characters and models and different women who started their lives in the spotlight under the glaring lights of the football fields back home. Here’s a gander at some well known big names who were team promoters before they were national or universal stars.

10. Fergie

9. Halle Berry

8. Cameron Diaz

7. Ann-Margret


6. Lindsay Lohan

5. Alicia Silverstone

4. Jessica Simpson

3. Madonna

2. Jennifer Lawrence

1.Megan Fox

Anyway, she takes the best spot since she was nearly as hot when she was a team promoter as she is today. Also, that is uncommon.

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