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LIVE from Singapore: Tumbled together with Trump, Kim Jong-the meeting was not easy

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LIVE from Singapore: Tumbled together with Trump, Kim Jong-the meeting was not easy

Trump and Kim meeting in Singapore
Two big leaders of the world, who openly threaten to teach nuclear war and lesson to each other, erase all the distances today and join hands with each other. US President Donald Trump and North Korean Chief Kim Jong Un joined hands with each other in Singapore’s Santosa island and laughed and talked about.

Live Update

6.40 in the morning: Inside the Capella Resorts, the two leaders sit and talk with each other. During this, Donald Trump said that I believe that the relationship between both of us will be good. He said that we have come forward after forgetting the old differences. At the same time, Kim Jong said that we had met with the removal of all the obstacles, it was not easy to reach.

– 6.35 AM: Donald Trump and Kim Jong joined hands at each other at Capella Resort. Both leaders laugh at each other.

– 6.15 am Big: North Korean leader Kim Jong reached the island of Santosa.

– At 5.45 pm: Kim Jong came out of his convoy hotel. Donald Trump also leaves the Shangri-La Hotel. The two leaders will join hands with each other at around 6.30 in the island of Santosa. The two leaders will meet in the Capella Resort.

100 crore spent on meeting

Host Singapore has also made tremendous preparations to ensure that there is no shortage in this meeting. How excited this preparation is to estimate that about Rs 100 crore is spent in Indian rupees.

But the real question is, what will happen if we meet? According to North Korea’s Central News Agency, there will be significant discussions on many issues on which the whole world’s eyes and expectations are underway.

Kim Jong, himself, told Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Sean Loong that the historic meeting of America and North Korea is seeing the whole world. At the same time, before the meeting, Donald Trump constantly tweeted about his meeting with Kim. Donald Trump tweeted that coming to Singapore is important, there is enthusiasm in the atmosphere!

Will Kim agree on nuclear disarmament?

US Secretary of State Mike Pompey has also said that the US is ready to give such a security guarantee to North Korea so that they do not end up with nuclear disarmament.

America is repeatedly pointing out that the word of Trump-Kim will proceed only when North Korea fully agreed on nuclear disarmament.

North Korea has destroyed its nuclear test site, but destroying nuclear weapons will be a big thing, with whom Kim Jong has not opened their own country yet.

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